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Dedicated Magazine presents...

The Super Show Issue

Our online contest is open to all models built throughout 2020 and submitted by October 31st, 2020. 

We will take all of the photos and judge them as a model car contest.  All entries will be featured in the issue.   Winners of each class will have a full-page feature and write-up.

Please submit your photos below. Use your best judgment when deciding which class you would like your models to represent.  We reserve the right to adjust classes as we seem accurate and will add or remove classes as needed.  

While only one model per class will be featured per person, we encourage you to submit multiples.  It is possible that we will split classes and be able to feature it elsewhere. 

All work must be solely done by the builder.  Any contracted work may be declared as it will not disqualify the model from being featured nor winning.  Any contracted labor will simply not be judged.  If it was not declared and we discover it on our own, we will disqualify completely. 

Photos must be well lit and taken on a solid white backdrop.  Download the tutorial below for an inexpensive method of getting great shots.  

Download our Photo Box Tutorial here
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